Casa Sirena- Accommodations and Vacation Retreat located in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Punta Allen south of Tulum on the Mayan Riviera

Sian Ka'an is Mayan for "where the sky is born". This 1.5 million acre reserve boasts tropical rain forests, tree speckled savanna, coastal mangrove flats, 70 miles of off-shore coral reefs, 350 species of birds, 1200 varieties of plant life, some 30 archeological sites and an awesome range of wildlife.

The reserve was created by the Mexican Government as a protected wildlife area and designated a World Heritage Site in 1987 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Center "UNESCO".

The Sian Ka'an Reserve, like others, was established to preserve the Native Rain Forest. Thousands of acres are lost each year to forestry and cultivation.

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