Casa Sirena- Accommodations and Vacation Retreat located in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, Punta Allen south of Tulum on the Mayan Riviera

Punta Allen is a tranquil Mayan lobster fishing village at the end of 40 miles of sandy road. Once you near the village, you will find the ninety families that comprise the human inhabitants of this Biosphere; their ancestors have been living here in balance with nature for over a thousand years!

Sirena's Beach in Punta Allen

Even though this trip will take you back in time, Punta Allen is well equipped with three local restaurants in which you will find some of the best seafood dishes, there is also a cantina where you can meet the local Mayan fishermen and enjoy a cold cerveza.

There is a local grocery store with all the necessities, as well as a tortilleria, an authentic tortilla making place. Another "must see" is an authentic ancient Mayan igloo bakery!

Mayan in Punta Allen

You may buy gas the old fashion way if you rent a vehicle from Tulum or Cancun or there is a Taxi service "combi" that goes into town every morning, returning in the afternoon.

The village has a medical facility with a Doctor and Nurse on site, and there is a telephone for emergency calls.

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